Antarctica | The Winds

The winds of Antarctica are some serious business. On one of my walks “home” to dorm 209, I decided to show how bad it can get. There is a slight incline on the hills up from the shores and on the road ways the winds get funneled and whip right into the path you have to walk. On a different night, I got frost nip on my ear because of these winds.

Oh, and if you would like to beta my novel that is set in Antarctica! Please, please, please, let me know… I could use as many readers as possible!

Points of interest: Blue building = Building 155, Galley, Hub, some dorms.

Building at bottom of hill = Chapel Of The Snows, church, Airforce Chaplains are “stationed” there during the summer seasons (October-March).

Brown buildings I’m walking to = Dorms. Mine was 209.

Where the trucks are parked = Derelict Junction

If you have any questions, ask! I love talking Antarctica, and probably will tell you more than you want to know.

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