A Review Of Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins

Here is your spoiler alert!

If you have not read Rebel Belle, go read it and then come back for the discussion.

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I don’t want complaints that I ruined it for your. I like to look at books critically, which may mean some plot elements will be revealed. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me iff you agree with me or not, but tell me why! Don’t like spoilers?

Read no further.

 I LOVED this one. It was everything that I was looking for in a YA novel! A kick ass girl, a bit of romance, and a good sense of humor!

10 out of 10!!!

The Rebel Belle is Harper Jane Price whose tour de force includes SGA presidency as a High School JR, Cheer Captain, Valedictorian all-most,  and soon to be Homecoming Queen. After a peculiar run in with a janitor on Homecoming night, she becomes a Paladin whose sworn mission is to protect the one boy she feels particularly grossed out by, the boy who writes mean news paper stories about her. But through a series of events that test her abilities she learns that she can be both Classy Debutant and Kickass Paladin.

The biggest thing that I was captured by was the writing mechanics. This is a very well written, SMOOTH, first person narrative – it worked, really well – no “it feeeeeeels like an eterniiiity” clichés. The inner monologue and teenaged vernacular were captured and blended rather nicely.

But it wasn’t just mechanics of the story that made it awesome! There were charming bits of descriptions that stood out. My three favorites are:

Page 7 “I could see the constellation of freckles arcing across her nose.”

Page 191 “Gritting my teeth against the sudden blossom of pain.”

Page 289 “She smiled at that, but it didn’t reach her eyes.”

I enjoy books that make you want to “scream at the t.v.” if you will. You want to tell that person, ‘NOOOOOOO, don’t do that!’ and this books is great for that. Especially on page 209 when you are sucked in and you want to scream, “C’MON! SHE JUST TOLD YOU THAT SHE CAN POOF AND YOU DIDN’T THINK THAT SHE WAS GOING TO POOF WHEN SHE GOT IN THE CAR!!!”

For this review I actually don’t want to give away too much because it was that good. So, go read!

I will say, there were a few times that I wished there was better “build up” of characters or situations. But I wasn’t really bothered by that because this is YA, and first person, and narrated to capture a story that happened at an exact time and place in Harper’s life – the details are more of what happened, not of who was there.

As some one that lives in the south, this is a book that holds true to the culture. It’s lovely, fun, and such a GREAT READ! GO READ IT!


You can buy the book here, at my store!


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